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Wadiyon Mein

Waqt tham sa gaya hai inn haseen wadiyon mein,
Na jane kyun mann bhi rukna chah raha hain.

Barfili choti ke beech panchiyon ko udta dekh,
Mera mann bhi aaj udta chala ja raha hain.

Badal ki dheemi raftar ne bhi,
Har ek pal ka ehsas dilaya hai.

Baithe baithe apne kamre mein,
Mano maine firse apne hone ka ehsas paya hain.

Na hi network, na hi koi shor hai yehan,
Wadiyon ne fir mujhe jeena sikhaya hai.

Dheemi dheemi baarish kab barf ban gayi pata hi na chala,
Baarish ki har bundh me Ishq Ka paigam koi chupa paya hai.

Aaj fir khud se mohabbat ho rahi hai,
Firse khud ko itna khush paya hai,
Inn Barfili chattano ne fir aaj mujhe mohabbat karna sikhaya hai.

Dhoop aur chaav hai pal pal ka khel,
Aaj fir inn wadiyon ne Yeh sikhaya hai.

Bhaag bhaag kar jeene se fir mujhe bachaya hai,
Ek pal mein kaise puri zindagi jeete hai,
Inn wadiyon ne mujhe aaj sikhaya hai.

Instagram ke content se dur,
Sukoon ke content ka jaam pilaya hai,

Inn wadiyon ne fir Iss banjaran ko uske ghar bulaya hai.

Palak bhi na jhapak sake itna haseen nazara hai,
Kaapte haath fir bhi type karein,
aisa sama baandha hai.

Sadi si roti ne fir apna importance samjhaya hai,
Chai bhajiye ka lupt yehan se behtar kahin nahi aya hai.

Dheeme dheeme se kohra bhi ab chhaya hai,
Barfili choti ne aakh mi choli ka mann banaya hai.

Badal ki chadar od Yeh wadi bhi ab so rahi hai,
Mujhe bhi apne saath madhosh kar rahi hai,
Daru ki kise hai zarurat jab inn wadiyon ne bawal machaya hai,
Dheere dheere kar fir se wadiyon ne apni beti ka honsla badhaya hai,
Tu aage chalti jaa, halke se hawa se Yeh kehalwaya hai.


Tamron 28-75 mm f2.8 Di III RXD

Hi my blog fam, once again I am going to talk about a lens from Tamron for Sony E Mount.

The second lens from Tamron that I used is a 28-75mm f2.8 Di III RXD. I used this lens on Sony a6500. On a crop sensor the focal length becomes 42-112.5 mm.

Build quality of this lens is better than the 35mm lens which makes it a bit heavy, not very much though. Also I think if you mount it on a full frame then you wouldn’t notice it as full frames are a bit heavier than crop bodies. I had fun using this lens, it looks perfect for a person like me who enjoys shooting street photos and portraits.

At 75mm f2.8 you get magically beautiful, sharp portraits. All my single mode shots were crisp but multiple shots mode didn’t give me perfect results. Unlike 35mm f2.8, the 28-75 had more than 10 unfocused pics especially in low light.

As much as I loved using this lens I had trouble with one thing since beginning, no matter how much time I spent on this lens I just couldn’t remember that the first dial on lens is a focus ring whereas the zoom ring is at the end of the lens. I find this setting weird especially in the era of mirrorless cameras where many people are not using manual focus. If this is the only lens you use everyday then maybe you will get used to it but if you are going to use multiple camera+lens set up in a day then it will be frustrating.

I understand it can come handy if you are shooting videos, but I would still prefer first dial nearer to body to be zoom than focus.

The lens retails at 63500 INR but can be easily found for around 55k on online and offline stores.

It definitely feels like a good everyday lens or a travel lens for your Sony cameras. Especially if you are comparing it with Sony in house lenses. This lens is not just cheaper but also light in weight.

Have you used this lens? Or are planning to buy it? Is there a query you would like to ask me?

Are you looking at any other lens from Tamron that you would like me to review?

Comment below and I will try to help you.

Imp Note : This lens review is for Tamron India but the views mentioned are completely mine. No part of this post is biased or inspired.


Tamron 35mm f2.8 Di III OSD for Sony E Mount.

Hello my blog fam, I promised you all I will be talking about cameras, Lenses, and photography in general on this blog. So here we go.

Tamron India approached me few days back requesting to use their E- mount lenses and give them a feedback based upon my experience.

I own a Sony a6500 for two years now and use it as my main camera for personal and professional requirements. I have used full frame cameras in the past but still love my a6500.

I always wanted to use a 35mm lens, even though on my crop sensor camera it becomes 52.5mm. The Tamron 35 mm is so light in weight that you won’t even realise its on your camera body.

I had this lens during Diwali and used it to click some family portraits, some low light shots, and completely without much fanfare of flashlights or external steady lights. To check the versatility I clicked half pics on single shot mode and later on burst (multiple drive) mode. I clicked around 100-150 pics, out of which only 2 were unfocused and unusable.

Just look at this perfect portrait.

At f2.8 this lens perfectly captured the face followed by shallow depth on the clothes to give all the more focus and importance to the portrait.

What I really loved about this camera was the minimum distance this lens can go towards the subject giving an advantage to be used as a decent macro lens. I wish I had more time with this lens to experiment some macro shots of flowers.

I shot majority of pics on f2.8 to check the dynamic range and overall sharpness of the photos produced. I was not disappointed in this department.

This lens is priced at 32000 INR but you could easily find it for 28k on Amazon and offline stores.

I really had great time pairing this lens with my Sony 6500 and added it to my wishlist for when I go back to lens shopping.

P. S. I decided to not go in detail about how many elements this lens has etc etc as all those details are already available on the information tab of Tamron and other various selling sites. What those sites can’t tell you is how it feels to use this lens and how the pictures actually look.

I would love to hear from you all. how I did for my first lens review blog?? Are you in the market to buy a new lens? Is there a lens that you are eyeing and would like me to review it?

Lemme know in the comments.

You can find more pictures taken from Tamron 35 mm on my Instagram account

IMPORTANT NOTE : This review is for Tamron India but the views mentioned are completely mine. No part of this post is biased or inspired.

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5 fun, light hearted shows to watch.

Are you like me who needs to take a break after watching anything too dramatic or intense, but doesn’t believe in taking breaks and jumps into another series the second, first one ends?

Created by borrowed images from Google.

If yes, then let me tell you a trick. I line up a light hearted fun show after every intense show that is about to end. This trick helps me process all the drama of emotions the earlier show throws at me and ofcourse gives me some space to laugh it out.

I use the same trick with books, and movies. Trust me when I say this, this trick makes life easier. So, without a further delay let me give you 5 shows which I enjoyed watching over the last few years and completely recommend.

1. Modern Family

Borrowed from Google. Credit to original uploader.

11 seasons of family fun rendezvous. The characters in the show are constantly growing through seasons giving us the chance to understand, no one no matter what their age is perfect. There is always scope to learn, to let go, to relearn and to accept your flaws.

Borrowed from Google, credit to original uploader.

2. Mom

Borrowed from Google. Credit to original uploader.

This show is an ode to unhappy mother – daughter relationship. The main characters are on their sobriety journeys and learn how to accept their shortcomings, how to take charge of their lives, and how to be better humans. The road to forgive and forget is a bitter one, but if you have a good support system you may actually succeed.

Borrowed from Google. Credit to original uploader.

3. Grace And Frankie

Borrowed from Google. Credit to original uploader.

This show is a reminder that life is beautiful when you have a girlfriend by your side. Grace and Frankie in their 70’s get the shocking news that their husbands are gay and leaving them for each other. These two women though poles apart, somehow manage to turn the situation and create a better life for themselves. It’s never too late to start afresh.

Borrowed from Google. Credit to original uploader.

4. Schitts Creek

Borrowed from Google. Credit to original uploader.

This show is the craziest, stupidest, bestest, awesomest (I know its not a word), heart soothing, pain healing show out there. This show portrays inclusivity in a manner that is how me, and many people like me see the world to be. This show talks about family support, self growth, and self acceptance in a way that leaves you all goey even though the show is crazy as hell.

Borrowed from Google. Credit to original uploader.

5. The Good Place

Borrowed from Google. Credit to original uploader.

The Good Place runs on the assumption of afterlife, hell, heaven, etc… The whole story is weaved pretty well and the moral ethics have been used for better understanding. I can guarantee you if you like this show you will end up googling all the ethics books mentioned in the show. Even though its a fun light comedy, one does end up having a connection for these humans and how cool is Janet..?

Borrowed from Google. Credit to original uploader.

Have you seen any of these shows? Which one is your favorite? Comment below, I would love to discuss them.

Also if you think there is any show on these lines that I would love, drop a recommendation in comment section. I am always looking for something new to watch.

Would you like to see more such content on this blog? I completely rely on my blog fam for feedback 🙈🙈



Hello my lovely blog family. I know I have not taken much care of my blog for last couple of years, but I am trying to do better now.

With that intention in mind I wanted to share with you all on what to expect from this blog here after. I am making some major changes here. I am going to diversify with respect to content. Till now I have been only posting about books, book reviews and all things books, but now I am also going to include talking about Photography, Cameras, Lenses, Reviews for photography gear, etc, with addition of some fun posts on skincare, movies, shows, and travel stories. Oh, I have so many travel stories and photography hacks to share with you all.

I hope you are as excited as me and support me through this change. As always leave a message with respect to all feedback.

I will list down my social media handles below for easy access. Follow me on Instagram for more fun stuff.

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Book Review 25 travel stories in 500 pictures by Bhumika Mehta.

25 travel stories in 500 pictures is a book by a traveller written in Blog post style writing.

The countries covered in this book are Taiwan, India, Thailand, Georgia, Turkey, Philippines, Vietnam, Jamaica, Singapore, Mexico, Indonesia, and Canada.

As the writer has chosen so many countries to showcase in one book they couldn’t showcase whole of history and culture of any said country. Book has very little information about any country.

Coming to photos, the same Blogger/magazine style continues here. Many photos are personal memories of the writer. A fraction of them are not true to horizon. Majority of them lack individuality.

Personally, I would have appreciated a country wise photo essay/travel story where I would be educated about the history, traditions, and culture of that particular country instead of glimpse of multi countries this book portrays.

Rating : **/5

Direct Dil Se

A letter to my criticized self.

Dear Me,

I know you have been criticised a lot by others as well by self. I know I have bigger hand at allowing them to criticize you for all these years. I have seen you snuggle up at night and cry because someone was harsh to you or worse hit you that day.

I know apologising to you now will not take away those moments but I would be grateful if you allow me to make sure no one else ever behaves this way with you again. Yes, I am making a promise to you that you have beautiful future and that you make it out to the other side even after this long excruciating struggle. I hope you know how proud I am of the person you have helped me in becoming. You were strong when it was most difficult to be, you kept your hopes alive when everyone else was treating you worse, you kept loving yourself and I am really thankful to you for that.

I want you to know most of the times people criticised you because they couldn’t understand you, and not because you were wrong. You have been compassionate towards others even when they have been shredding your soul, I still don’t know how you did it. I am truly and completely in awe of you and your aura Bhakti.

Know that I am celebrating you and everything you are. Remember it gets better.



Direct Dil Se

A letter to 10 years younger Me.

Dear Bhakti,

You are such a remarkable, precious soul. I am so sorry all adults in your life have been disappointing. I am sorry you have been forced to be your own adult for more than a decade now. I am sorry the world has groped every inch of your innocent heart. I am sorry people around you are manipulative. I am sorry for doubting your fire. I am sorry I couldn’t protect you better.

You have been such a smart, intelligent, principled person all your life. I am so glad I get to be a older version of you. You have been put through many difficult situations and yet you stand strong and strive to make a way out. I am so proud of you, Bhakti. I really am. I know our parents never say they are proud of us, but know this that they are. Don’t let their lousy communication skills ruin your kind heart. They are very different people, accept them and let go of all the anger. They are trying their best to be a parent of a child they never imagined could be a possibility. Go easy on them.

You are Different from most people you will come in contact with, and that is okay. You are unique, not everyone will understand it. Some who understand may not like it and that is also okay. The most important question is would you be okay to be a different person? And we know answer to that question, don’t we?

I wish I could hire a time travel train and visit you on the rainy days to just give you a tight hug. I know we don’t hug it out, but hugs are good bhakti. Not all touches are bad, remember it.

Next 10 years of your life are going to change you inside out. There will be times when you will find yourself on the road that goes nowhere, I want you to keep faith in yourself during those times. Know that you are an excellent navigator of life even though you still will get lost on roads of Hyderabad, we will work on that part in our 30’s. I want you to know that you are always loved and protected by your angels, don’t stop talking to them.

It doesn’t look like it but Life is beautiful and abundantly blissful, just take a deep breath. YOU GOT THIS. I Love you Bhakti, and I will always love you unconditionally no matter what.



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Free book alert

Hello everyone, how is the weekend treating you? Are you looking for a book to read, then let me give you a good news.

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Book Review – How to write a story effectively by samarpita Mukherjee Sharma.

We all have a story inside of us, we all want to pen it out in a book. But, we all do not possess the tools required to be a good writer. Luckily for some of us, we can learn them and fulfill our dreams of becoming an Author. To do so this book comes really handy.

How to write a story effectively is your guide in your writing journey. The Author is a Professional Editor with an experience that spans more than a decade, a proof reader, a ghost writer, a author, social media influencer, to name a few feathers in her Creative Hat.

If you are a first time writer, you are probably confused, under confident, and more likely lost. This book will help you in creating a structure of your story, writing better dialogues, set a mood of the book, and how to write better characters. What I love about this book is that the Author has included plenty of examples as well as pointers on mistakes to avoid during creating your manuscript.

Rating : ****/5

The book is available in Amazon worldwide and kindle stores. I am attaching Indian link down below, for other countries please search ‘Samarpita Mukherjee Sharma’ on Amazon and you will find all her books there.

You can buy a copy Here

If you are looking for an Editor, writing coach, proof reader, beta reader, for your manuscript or a ghost writer, you can contact Samarpita Mukherjee Sharma on her Website