Weird Anniversary! !

Even after 14yrs of “Experience” I feel awkward for first few hours of first day every month. Yes awkward is the best word here.I know it’s about life circle and bla bla…but its bloody irritating (no pun intended).
I have to plan my trips according to my period’s irritating I say. Today as I type this sitting in my Paa’s office I remember I was supposed to be in Palitana right now with my parents(and coincidence dekho, Father called up to inform they reached Palitana) but Periods!!
What’s more irritating is the way oldies behave when they know about it. Women keep eating my head by saying you are not supposed to do this and bla bla bla.. And men toh behave as if I am achut (untouchable).Yeah we still have such people.
Also I am more irritated because on this date 14yrs back I got my first period. And I remember the date and time but why? ?? (it’s a curse).I don’t even want to think about that day..Nope!!!what a pain it is only I know…

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