Accidentally remembrance

Accidents, we all have had one or seen one. And no matter how unfortunate it is we cannot do anything about it.I remember mine, it was just a fraction of second when I crashed my two wheeler into a divider (I was driving too fast and taking a turn without slowing down and boom) and injuring my right wrist badly.I know you are wondering why on Earth one would discuss accidents. Today’s date reminded me of one.

25 yrs back on this day my father had a major accident. He had to undergo a surgery too for that.the very day his younger brother was getting married and he was in the hospital. I was a month old baby at that time. This accident was a major one because he had to stay at home more than a month (or two) to be healed completely and during which he had to quit his job as a sales person at a garment shop.

After recovering he could have gone back to his job but instead he chose to start something new . Something changed after the accident.The change was for good.They say whatever happens, happens for good. Yes, my Father worked hard, worked day and night (he still does) and reached where he is today.Not just he started a business but he also made two of his brothers (he has 6 brothers) partners in the very same business. I somehow feel, if this accident hadn’t occurred he wouldn’t have quit his job so early.May be this is the way it was supposed to happen. Or May be I am over thinking . whatever,  I am just happy the accident wasn’t worse.

P.S Drive responsibly.
Not everyone is lucky.

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