What is it about rains that You love it so much? he asked. He who never liked getting drenched in rains, never allowed the raindrops to tickle his face, what would I say to him? I replied,  Nothing. At the same time Everything.

His face remained confused and I smiled, for I knew I have irritated him a little by not replying exactly what he wanted to hear. He seemed genuine while asking the question,  but what do you really answer to a question like that.

I took a long breath and poured out my feelings in words, “Rains Clean my soul, they wash away my sorrows. I feel optimistic, I feel new. Rains make me happy,Rains make me content. Rains make me sad, I feel torned apart. A part of me cries and a part rejoice.Rains remind me of my childhood, the carefree attitude. Rains make me more humane”.

And most importantly Rains remind me of You. It was a rainy day when we met for the first time. Rains brought you in my life.
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