What makes Girlfriends so important in our lives?

There are things that you can only share with your girlfriends. When your parents are giving lectures on getting married at right age, its your girlfriends who will say ‘Chill yaar’ abhi toh tu sirf 25 ki hai!
You see a cute guy and you tend to call your girlfriends and talk about this new crush of yours. Imagine telling your mother about it and you wouldn’t realise you are married off already.

There are times when you are sad and you have no idea why you want to cry. Is this so difficult to understand?  But no, your parents will not understand this, your boyfriend is confused and your guy friends are better off unknown to this feeling. In such situations girlfriends hang on with us, cry with us and lastly comment sarcastically ‘Tu badi Nautankibaaz hai’.

I remember my best moments of life spent with my special girlfriends. Be it just sitting and talking (talking endlessly) for hours at Necklace road Or riding around the city getting tanned just for the heck of it. Going to near by Pani Puri thella was never so much fun before.

Nobody understands you better than your girlfriends and yet we girls lose touch with each other over the time. I have lost contact with so many of my girlfriends. Some left me because of some misunderstandings, some are way too busy with their careers, some got married and shifted base and are busy raising kids. Few that left are just like me,

Single and Awesome


No matter what, I am blessed with some awesome girlfriends in this journey called Life!

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