That’s all I have been called since I remember. But I never bothered. Or should I say I behaved as if I never bothered. I realised very early that if I react to people calling me fat it will only maximise their fun. Also if you do not react they stop calling you that, and instead start searching another way to get you down. Yeah, there are some Jealoused souls out there who try to bring you down in any way possible. As far as my case is concerned, it was my looks!

I remember my class mates calling me fat (when I was not even fat). I was always a over matured plump kid. That’s why I don’t remember being a kid in first case. At the age of 10, I behaved like 15yr old. At 15 it was worst. I remember not playing, running around in the Games class(I was such a idiot). All this just because somewhere down the line I was insecure. Those fat comments did alter my self confidence levels.

Today, when I am 25 and actually Fat I really don’t seem to bother about my looks. I am more happy than ever before. May be because finally I have accepted myself the way I am. I don’t care what anyone else thinks about me. Over the years I realised one thing,  when I was 50kgs and people used to call me fat and I used take that seriously but today when I am 70kgs, nobody (except my parents) call me fat. You know why?
Because nobody seems to bother about it after seeing me smile. The “I know I am what and I don’t care what you think I am what” smile.

I don’t mean to say I am gonna be forever fat just because I have accepted myself this way. But I think this is the first step towards my evolution. Yes, I understand I need to work towards betterment of my health and I need to lose atleast 10-15kgs and I will, but not to have those stunning looks or to be able to wear LBD. (Btw, recently I did buy a Litle black dress and I think I look just as beautiful, may I say Hot? 😉 in it as I would look after I shed a few kgs) But so I have a better and healthy life!

Bottom line : whether you are thin or fat, doesn’t matter. Live your life on your terms. Live life Queen size! Your friends, dear ones will not stop loving you just because you have put on weight. If it’s still bothering you, go and shed it. But, don’t let your happiness depend on the weighing scale.

P.S : Only we Fat people can give a awesome polar bear hug!

P.S.S : I need to start exercising.

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