This happens every time – every freaking time that I Need someone, a someone whom I call my friend, a someone who I can hug and cry and cry and cry, a someone who will just hear me out No Questions Asked. Every time I am feeling low and want to just avoid being alone, I don’t find anyone with me. Every Time! !

It so happens,  that my bad luck is very bad. Whenever I need a friend,  all my friends are busy. And No, I am not blaming my friends here. I am blaming my stars. You know why? Because my friends might just not know that I needed them.

Waise toh I am a sane person and know how to shantofy myself but sometimes something happens that is beyond my capability to understand and I can’t control my emotions, my anger. During these not so good moments I feel the need to call a friend and talk, meet if possible. But as I mentioned earlier meri bad luck hi badi kharab hai. I try a friend’s no. and it will be busy. I try another friend’s no. and it will keep on ringing with no response. Then the third friend’s mobile only will be switched off. Fourth friend might be very busy at office as usual, so I skip dialling her no. Back to first friend- still busy. And so on….  By then I lose my heart to talk to anyone and I end up sleeping cried eyed.

Either The Universe is conspiring against me , so I just give up and break down or just conspiring for my good, so I become more stronger.

I do not know!

One thing is for sure I should just stop dialing no’s when I am sad! And I should have learnt this till now but I didn’t. Yesterday, was another bad-sad day and yet again I thought of trying my luck and yet again I lost.

P.S : I love all my friends and I am not blaming any of you. Just wanted to vent out. That’s it!

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