Hate Story – A Letter to all Cowards

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I have been undergoing a lot of undue stress over the past few months on personal as well as professional front. And in the midst of all this there comes these thieves who stole my identity for their selfish motives. One thing is clear. Such people have no ethics, no morals, no conscience, no guilt. They’re just plain cheap. I am sorry if my words come out as offensive, but I am angry. I have been offended. And I need to vent it all out in order to remain sane and move forward. My moving forward in no sense means that I’m going to sit back quietly and ignore or forgive those buggers. There’s a very easy way of exposing them. But my upbringing doesn’t allow me to stoop down to their level. Hence this post. If they get it, good for them. If not, they’ll repent.

You know I have…

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Web Of Fate. . .

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Chapter – 17


Cyrus was really confused about his mood today. He really had good quality time with Jennifer, whom he had started liking for some strange reasons! But, on the beautiful evening with Jennifer the Dutta couple’s interference almost spoilt Cyrus’s perfect date. Though Cyrus was sure he was not in love with Jennifer yet, still he felt discomfort for Jennifer’s interest in Shekhar.

Cyrus kept on thinking the possibilities why young, beautiful and brilliant girl like Jennifer should be interested in a middle aged average looking stranger Mr. Dutta. In sub conscious mind Cyrus started comparing himself with Shekhar dutta and soon felt exhausted.

To divert his bugged up mind Cyrus switched on his laptop. Not like all conventional law students, Cyrus used internet more frequently and openly for recent cases, judgments and case progresses. Cyrus knew the need to keep self updated with latest information of Indian as well as international law suits. Apart from law, Cyrus had huge interest in politics as well as blogging. “Our country’s progress hugely depends on politics in our country and to impose healthy and positive politics, youth has to involve into politics with heart and soul”- Cyrus believed that strongly! Cyrus’s blog –“Exclusively Political”- was a very popular blog with lot many Indian and international loyal readers-followers. Cyrus had habit to read about current political affairs, analyze, research and write some update almost every day on his blog. He followed national and international newspaper, blogs, and newsmedia very closely to keep updated. Cyrus opened his blog and tried to divert his mind by writing a short blog post. Since two days Cyrus had been researching on collaboration and relations of political leaders with business tycoons with recent controversy of Mr. Manichandra Trivedi and Aryan Aahuja. Cyrus had whole story in his mind, but his heart was not cooperating. Cyrus started writing the post, his fingers ran onto keyboard mechanically and..

Cyrus could not believe what he wrote!

“Time is supreme power, Love is ultimate weakness…
Human chasing power, seldom values emotional wealth!
Money may be aim for many, does that repay for broken promises and unfulfilled commitments?
I, in the crowd of many, is lonely inside…
I, in the search of truth, haven’t lived lie?
Lie, colourless-rude and brutal…
I have been a living lie… since long…
I have been a lie…
In pursue of love and happiness, I have been a lie!”

Cyrus could not believe that he, who hated poetry, had memorized the poem perfectly and wrote it correct word to word. Though Cyrus’s head warned him to edit the post by deleting the poem, somehow Cyrus didn’t! Cyrus felt, he started liking Jennifer and this poem too!
Cyrus picked up his mobile and dialed Jennifer’s number. As even after 2-3 calls when Jennifer didn’t picked up the call, Cyrus started elaborating the post further.

“Stranger,Just for you, I am solving this puzzle too!
just for you, I am playing with poetic words too!
So that proves- Love, emotions make us weak!

You, stranger for me till few days,
Have been my priority today,
It proves- Time is ultimate power!
As I am chasing you, with every breath and tic of time,
You are slipping out of my reach, just like the running time!
It proves- you rule my heart,
and that power is making you, take my feelings for granted!
I said myself, I don’t love you,
I repeated it hundred times inside!
It proves- in search of truth, I am living Lie!
Lie that- I don’t love you,
Lie – colourless, rude and brutal..

Stranger dear,
Will you become the light of truth in pursue of my happiness?”

Cyrus almost cried with overwhelming emotions, without any visible reason!

Cyrus laughed and cried at once thinking- that he, a law guy, oriented in politics, actually wrote his first poem! Or he actually admitted truth to his inner soul?

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Chapter-13: Web of Fate ( Game of Blogs at Blog Adda)

Toofan Express.........................

 Team Name: Vijeta

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Chapter 13


Jennifer was surprised, taken aback, confused, shocked- all at once.  Jennifer was feeling numb thinking correlation of this stranger’s name with the name she has been searching for. Jennifer stared Shekhar unknowingly, unwillingly.

“Of course my better half is very handsome! But he is genius writer too. And seating besides you, we overheard the puzzle you had been reciting. Shekhar loves solving puzzles.”-said Tara smartly.

“Yes of course, he is handsome! but I was stuck at his name.”-Jennifer spoke the words out of her will and wish.

“Shekhar is very common name I guess. Shekhar means Crest as well as Lord Shiva. Though I don’t find much co-relation of my name and my qualities.”-Shekhar as per his nature tried to turn up thing with humor.

“Its proved that your name makes significant impact on who you are. I…

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Web Of Fate…

Team : Vijeta


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                   Chapter 11


Walking like teenagers freshly fallen in love, Tara and Shekhar holding each other’s hand walked into Crossword. Crossword – Paradise for the Book loving souls. The walk from the Hotel to the Crossword was as lovely as it used to be 11yrs back when they were dating.

This impromptu stay at Delhi is nothing less than a Blessing in Disguise for their relationship. May be they needed this, mouthed Tara to herself while Shekhar was browsing his favourite genre. Tara could never argue whether Shekhar loved her more or the books, novels , novellas he was always engrossed into. Tara too started browsing books to accompany her book-worm husband.

In other corner of the Crosswords, a law student was having an hard time solving a puzzle. Puzzle, that Jennifer hoped could help her unravel the mysteries behind that letter.

~Why is this Puzzle so important to you?  asked a lil’ annoyed Cyrus Daruwala.

~And I thought Lawyers were intelligent ! Smirked Jennifer Joseph.

~Very Funny! See, I am a Law student not a Arts student replied cyrus making an ‘I am fed up with this puzzle’ face.

~Awwww!! Let’s try once more. Last time for today pleaded Jennifer making a puppy face.

~Alright!  Alright!!

“Time is supreme power, Love is ultimate weakness…Human chasing power, seldom values emotional wealth!Money may be aim for many, does that repay for broken promises and unfulfilled commitments?I, in the crowd of many, is lonely inside…I, in the search of truth, haven’t lived lie?Lie, colourless-rude and brutal…I have been a living lie… since long…I have been a lie…In pursue of love and happiness, I have been a lie!”
Finished Cyrus in one go without a pause or a moment to catch a breath.

~That was the most ridiculous way of reading something written so beautifully. You just killed the essence of the whole Poem. How could you Cyrus?

~ In my Defence, I would like to point out that sitting with a sexy girl in Crossword solving a puzzle is not my idea of a ideal Date, mumbled Cyrus.

~ You are highly mistaken Mr. Stranger, this is not a Date, replied Jennifer with a shy smile.

Whatever! Let’s forget this puzzle solving game of yours for some time, pleaded Cyrus.

Jennifer couldn’t control her smile seeing how irritated Cyrus looked at that very moment.

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“Me and my team are participating in ‘Game Of Blogs’ at BlogAdda.com. #CelebrateBlogging with us.”

Just Read…

Kitabo ke Panne Palat ke Sochte hai,
Yu Palat jaye Zindagi to Kya Baat hai.

Tamanna jo Puri ho Khwabo me,
Haqikat Ban jae to Kya Baat hai.

Kuch Log Matlab ke Liye Dhundte hai Mujhe,
Bina Matlab koi Aye to Kya Baat hai.

Katal kar ke to Sab Le Jayenge Dil Mera,
Koi apna bana ke le Jaye to Kya Baat hai.

Jo Sharifo ki Sharafat Me na ho Baat,
Ek Sharabi keh Jaye to Kya Baat hai.

Zinda Rehne Tak to Khushi Denge Sabko,
Kisiko Meri Maut pe bhi Khushi Mil Jaye to Kya Baat hai!!!

Chapter-8 : Web Of Fate (Game of Blogs at BlogAdda)

Toofan Express.........................

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Team Name: Vijeta

Chapter 8:

The road from Safdarjung airport to Sage Hotel flew in moments. Roohi was too tired and almost asleep in Shekhar’s arms. Shekhar and Tara were gazing out of the cab, living every inch of Delhi. Shekhar noticed the sparks in Tara’s eyes when AIIM passed.

“So you remember that first meet? “- Tara literally blushed! After so many months! Rather after so many years.

“how can I forget that? An intelligent, Handsome, perfect eligible bachelor, in love with books, was enjoying the beauty of evening near AIIM, with a cup of tea and a geeky girl had cracked into his life story! ”- Shekhar  muttered with his signature smile.

“Oh, I wonder! Then why on the earth I never met that perfect marriage material-guy? I would have saved.”- Tara continued the game of words, crossing  time boundaries! Tara felt…

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