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A Web of Fate…

Team Vijeta

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Chapter 2

Roohi was rather happy that morning, not just her mother prepared breakfast and packed lunch for her to take away but also helped Roohi in getting ready for the school – which usually was taken care by her father Shekhar.

Tara was still feeling guilty about previous night, but was elated after getting an heads up from shekhar for the much needed holiday. Now, all she has to do is persuade her Boss to grant her leaves. ‘Not an easy task’ reminded Tara herself while leaving for work.


Delhi – famous for its freezing climate, as the Dilli walas call it Dilli ki sardi. It’s no less than a nightmare to travel to the outskirts of Delhi – Chattarpur on a December night thought Cyrus, while driving to the party venue – Kapoor Farms. Dressed in a black Denim paired with white T-shirt and a leather jacket, Cyrus Daruwala – a Tall, fair and handsome Parsi boy with cute curly hair and big specks , a Law student entered the Farmhouse.

Party was on full swing with endless food, drinks and deafening loud music and why not, all the Richie Richs of the Delhi High Society, the Page 3 people were present there.

Sitting at the bar, Cyrus observed a girl walking towards his direction. The Girl with the Tattoo – Jennifer Joseph , a Freelance Photographer, a native of Kochi (Kerala) dressed in shorts and Tee with lots of accessories. Jennifer always carried her most prized possession – her Nikon D800E DSLR camera with her.

Jennifer ordered a mojito for herself and got comfortable at one of the bar stools next to Cyrus. Hey there! , spoke Cyrus trying to start a conversation with the Dusky beauty sitting next to him. Hello! Replied Jennifer calmly.

Are you new here?
For matter of fact, I am. But what makes you ask this question?
Hi, I am Cyrus Daruwala.
Hello, Jennifer Joseph.
So, what brings you here, in my city, if you do not mind me asking.
Well, certainly not! I am a Freelance Photographer here for an assignment. What about you? What’s your story Mr. Cyrus?
I am studing Law and that’s my story. Hey, that’s my favourite song would you like to dance?
Well that’s my favourite song too. So, Yes!

The dance floor was a sight to watch, Teenagers showing off their cool moves on the present chart buster songs , Blue hai Pani Pani! followed by more energetic Badtameez Dil!

Music speakers kept roaring till the wee hours of the morning. As night kept passing toward its end, Cyrus and Jennifer’s conversation deepened and both of them exchanged their phone numbers to be able to meet again, given the fact that Jennifer had few more days left in the city.

Two days later Cyrus and Jennifer met again at the most busiest part of Delhi –  Connaught Place also known as CP. one of the largest financial, commercial and business centers in New Delhi.

Sitting under this magnificent heritage structure and sipping coffee cup after cup both Cyrus and Jennifer chatted for hours.

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