A Web Of Fate ……

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Team Name: Vijeta

Chapter 3


“I desperately need this vacation, much more than Shekhar can even imagine” sighed Tara to herself. No one knows how much she wishes to run away from her current predicament ….

She shuddered, “If only Shekhar knew what I was dealing with at work … but not now, I cannot involve him in this murky affair, for his sake and for Roohi’s sake” Tara mouthed that promise to herself and shut down her laptop.

“ I have to apply for leave and talk to Tarun about it” Tara gets up to walk to her boss’s office but her mobile rings.

“Hello Tara? Tarun here, can you come over to my office right now, please”?

Tara froze for a moment “I hope it is not about the matter involving the politician”. Her mind went back to the events at work…

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