Chapter-4 : Game of Blogs at BlogAdda

Toofan Express.........................

Please Read Chapter 3Here

Team Name: Vijeta

Chapter 4:

Staring at dark sky Jennifer felt like those stars- far far away, are the missing clues, trying to complete the story. A story that all those pale letters tried to narrate, but failed! A story that had few words but lot many emotions. Jennifer dreamily gazed towards sparkling white stars, assuming that perhaps one of them will fall down, and she will make a wish to crack the puzzle. She closed her eyes and tried to catch some breath. And with closed eyes all those words surrounded her once again! And with those words and pale yellow letters, fresh glimpse of Cyrus merged, making the story more mysterious for Jennifer!

“Time is supreme power, Love is ultimate weakness…

Human chasing power, seldom values emotional wealth!

Money may be aim for many, does that repay for broken promises and unfulfilled commitments?

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