Chapter-8 : Web Of Fate (Game of Blogs at BlogAdda)

Toofan Express.........................

Please Read Chapter 7 Here 

Team Name: Vijeta

Chapter 8:

The road from Safdarjung airport to Sage Hotel flew in moments. Roohi was too tired and almost asleep in Shekhar’s arms. Shekhar and Tara were gazing out of the cab, living every inch of Delhi. Shekhar noticed the sparks in Tara’s eyes when AIIM passed.

“So you remember that first meet? “- Tara literally blushed! After so many months! Rather after so many years.

“how can I forget that? An intelligent, Handsome, perfect eligible bachelor, in love with books, was enjoying the beauty of evening near AIIM, with a cup of tea and a geeky girl had cracked into his life story! ”- Shekhar  muttered with his signature smile.

“Oh, I wonder! Then why on the earth I never met that perfect marriage material-guy? I would have saved.”- Tara continued the game of words, crossing  time boundaries! Tara felt…

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