Chapter-13: Web of Fate ( Game of Blogs at Blog Adda)

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Chapter 13


Jennifer was surprised, taken aback, confused, shocked- all at once.  Jennifer was feeling numb thinking correlation of this stranger’s name with the name she has been searching for. Jennifer stared Shekhar unknowingly, unwillingly.

“Of course my better half is very handsome! But he is genius writer too. And seating besides you, we overheard the puzzle you had been reciting. Shekhar loves solving puzzles.”-said Tara smartly.

“Yes of course, he is handsome! but I was stuck at his name.”-Jennifer spoke the words out of her will and wish.

“Shekhar is very common name I guess. Shekhar means Crest as well as Lord Shiva. Though I don’t find much co-relation of my name and my qualities.”-Shekhar as per his nature tried to turn up thing with humor.

“Its proved that your name makes significant impact on who you are. I…

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