Rani was completely drenched. She loved getting drenched in rains and more so if it was unseasonal rains in summer. She hated summer but loved rains. Seeing Rani dancing,singing and enjoying Ayan and Aadil ran towards her. Ayan, Rani’s elder son was much like her sweet and cute. On other hand the younger one, Aadil had inherited his Dad’s charm.

Mummmaaaa!!!! Screamed the younger one startling Rani out of her trance. Rani smiled and hold her hands out calling her two Princes in a family hug. Even though she was always worried for their health but she never stopped Ayan and Aadil from getting drenched in rains and how could she, when she was the first one to get to the terrace as soon as she sensed rains.

They sang songs and danced merrily while half of the city was busy cribbing about the sudden downpour and the havoc created by it.

Raj somehow managed to reach home on time and was glad he was not out on the roads while it started raining. Raj didn’t liked getting drenched in rains. Ten years backs, may be he hated rains but now he couldn’t. He met Rani on a rainy night and that rainy night changed his life. He was glad he got drenched that night.

When he opened the main door,Raj found home empty and it took him no time in guessing where the mad trio would be. Raj smiled, ‘Crazy Rain Lovers’ and their lovely rain. I am an minority in this family. Dear God, was it too much of pain to make one child, Atleast one child of mine hate rain or even dislike? Huh!

He quickly changed into his night clothes and raided kitchen to find out if Rani has prepared dinner. He found sliced onions and a bowl of yellow batter on the kitchen platform. Great! Pyaaj ke pakode for dinner. Though he didn’t fancy rains, he couldn’t ever get tired of eating pakode on a rainy night. He never understood why these simple bhajiyas tasted so yummy during rains. Whatever! Lets make bhajiyas and surprise the mad trio upstairs, exclaimed the dotted husband/father.

Within 15mins he had prepared half of the bhajiyas/Pakode and tea. Switching off the stove, he quickly checked the status of rains. It was drizzling outside. Soon the mad trio will be home. I should go upstairs before they come down.

Holding a kettle in right hand and casserole in left Raj made his way to the Terrace. Standing on the Doorway a announcement was made.

Hot Tea with Yummilicious Onion rings anyone?

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