Small treasures.

Diwali is around the corner. Like everyone else even I have started cleaning my room. This annual diwali cleaning is no less than treasure hunt. All the stuff you discover while cleaning the home takes you back in time. Stuff which you have forgotten about, stuff which you see only while diwali cleaning, stuff which you don’t want to throw away even though it is of no use, stuff which have many memories associated with it. Stuff which you treasure.

Treasure that brings a smile on your face. Majority of times, tiniest or the cheapest of the things give you more happiness than expensive or branded things. What catched my fancy yesterday were old Birthday Greetings cards and hand written letters. I read all those letters one after one and carefully placed them in the same cabinet to be discovered next year again.



I received this on my 21st birthday.



This one on my 20th birthday. This is the biggest card I ever received.



This again on 20th birthday. That was the only birthday I celebrated whole heartedly.

I also found few of my childhood toys, toy kitchen set, toy bedroom set, and mud toys.

With good memories, I was reminded of sad ones too. Isn’t it strange, things that can put a smile on your face can also generate tears in your eyes.

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