Rains – Part 2

Please read Part 1 here

                        Part 2

Hot Tea with Yummilicious Onion rings anyone?

Daddddyyyyy!!! Screamed Aadil seeing his father at the Terrace door.

Raj winked at Rani and hurried towards the right corner of the terrace where a beautiful wooden swing with a roof stood. It was the only part of the terrace which could protect Raj from the Rains. The mad trio followed him towards the swing for a dose of Heaven.

Eating hot onion bhajiyas with steaming hot tea on a rainy evening is Heaven.


~Hi beautiful. Here, take these glasses.

Raj poured tea for both of them.kids started munching on onion rings while both husband-wife sipped tea starring each other.

~So, how’s the tea?

~Just the way it was the first time you made for me – Perfect.

~seems like mad trio had some good time, this evening.

~Yes, But I missed You.

~I am sure we can do something about it, no? Winked Raj while taking a step towards Rani. Holding her hand in his, a thought occurred to him.

What did I do to deserve such a beautiful family?  God has been too kind on this ordinary man!

He tried nearing Rani but she pushed him away, kids are around.

They finished their tea and Pakode and got back home. Kids ran towards their room to change into their pajamas. Rani sneezed on the way to her bedroom.

~Bless You!

And just when she was about to reply she sneezed again.

~Aur bheego baarish mein!

~I am fine. I’ll change and come.

Rani quickly took a shower and changed into a red Nighty. Before going to the kitchen she checked on the kids, who were already in their night clothes jumping on their respective beds.

~ Ayan, Aadil stop jumping on the beds.

~ sowiee Mummmaa.

~ It’s okay my baby. Dinner will be ready in few minutes,  okay?

~Mumma, I am not hungry. I ate well replied little Aadil

~ even I am not hungry mom.

~ sure? I don’t want you two to wake up in middle of the night hungry.

~ no mom, I am full.

~ okay, I’ll get you some milk then.

Kids drank milk and dozed off to sweet slumber. Rani prepared the remaining pakode while Raj surfed the various news channels for some decent news.

Dinner is Ready!

As soon as Raj sat in his chair, Rani lit few candles and switched off the lights of the Dinning room. Raj smiled seeing a glowing Rani. They ate silently in the dim lights of candles having eyes fixed on each other, occasionally feeding each other.

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