Nestle Kitkat senses dark


I love dark chocolate and so I knew I had to try this one. I had earlier tried kitkat dark and felt it was okay!


This four slab bar costed Rs. 50 . The pack states it’s made with slow churned chocolate to give a rich taste.


Kitkat Senses is smooth on touch and slight bitter at taste. Only difference between kitkat dark and senses dark is, the latter is smoother than the first. Not everyone likes dark chocolates, on top of it dark chocolate with wafer. So, unless you enjoy dark chocolate,  enjoy the slightly bitter taste don’t spend money on this one.

Ratings : ***

4 thoughts on “Nestle Kitkat senses dark

      1. Like pumpkin, wasabi, matcha ect. The ones you have to import/Japan friend send you/find them at certain stores. I’m more of a pocky girl though.


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