Book Review – Arjun Without A Doubt by Dr. Shinde Sweety


On the Jacket :

I knew there was nothing poetic about death. I knew not that the most horrific battles are fought off the battlefield.

Arjun : The idealist in a non-ideal world; the warrior whose deadliest opponent was his conscience. History forgot his voice, but misquoted his silence.

Draupadi : The untamed tigress, the fragrant flame, the unbridled spirit.

Power does not justify sin. Power is not virtue. Virtue is that which lasts inspite of power.

Krishn : The enigma whose unique ideology churned the battlefield into a quest for Truth.

The missile…The Trajectory…The Vision.
The trio that makes for the core of The Mahabharata.
          This is their saga.
Insightful, visceral and candid.

About the Author :

Dr. Shinde sweety holds a Doctorate in Medicine, with numerous publications in Indian and international Medical journals. She is an avid Mahabharata fan and a voracious reader. She loves to day-dream, swim, sketch and learn new languages.

Review :

Quick Review :
Arjun Without a doubt by Dr. Shinde Sweety, is without a doubt a very interesting take on The Mahabharata. Yes, we all know the story of The Mahabharata, yet there are some aspects which have not been taken into consideration before. Read this book to know Arjun a lil better. Read this book to love Arjun a lil more.

Full Review :

Arjun without a doubt narrates the story of The Mahabharata from Arjun and Draupadi’s point of view. The writer skipped the childhood of Pandavas and started her tale from the point Draupadi came into existence I.e, after the Varanavat fire incident when Pandavas were living under disguised identity.

This book is like an memoir of Arjun and Draupadi’s lives. They narrate their story, their love, their sacrifices, their responsibilities, their Pain and their undying need to be with each other. Can Mahabharata be complete without a mention of Krishn? Can Arjun-Draupadi’s story be complete without Krishn’s Presence?  The answer is NO.

This book is really gripping. I really enjoyed reading this book. Yes, we all know the story of Mahabharata, yet I was anxious about the next chapter, sad when Draupadi lost her sons, happy when Draupadi finally got to spend a year with Arjun after 13 yrs of their marriage, smiling whenever Draupadi behaved jealous thinking of Arjun-Krishn bond.

This book also has a section where the Author decodes various myths associated with the Mahabharata. All in all this book has been a very good read.

Ratings : *****

P.S : This is more like a tip to have a confusion free reading, The Paragraghs/sections starting with ‘***’ are Draupadi’s part of the story.

            Happy Reading!

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