#BookReview Before We Met by Lucie Whitehouse


On The Jacket :

A whirlwind romance.
A perfect marriage.
Hannah Reilly has seized
her chance at happiness.
Until the day her husband
fails to come home…

Review :

Quick Review :

Before we met keeps you hooked till the end.

Full Review :

Hannah Reilly reaches Heathrow airport to surprise her husband-Mark, but ends up getting the shocker of her life, that her husband is missing. She tries to trace Mark at every front, airport, work, the hotel he stayed at, but fails. Just as one mystery leads to another, Hannah realises there’s more to Mark’s missing act. Everyone at Mark’s office thinks the couple is holidaying together and thus Hannah starts to doubt her husband.

Women have this unique power of sniffing out the truth no matter what the men say or try to conceal. Hannah keeps digging down information about Mark, his family which he always kept silent about only to realise a bitter past. A dark and scary past attached to Mark and his brother.

Rating :


P. S.
I have added half a star for the lovely cover.

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