#BookReview The Ghost Runner by Parker Bilal


On the Jacket :

It is 2002, and as the reverberations of 9/11 echo across the globe, tensions run high on Cairo’s streets.

Private investigator Makana, in exile from his native Sudan and increasingly haunted by memories of the wife and daughter he has lost,is shaken out of his grief when a routine surveillance job leads him to the horrific murder of a teenage girl. In a Country where Honour killings are commonplace and the authorities seem all too eager to turn a blind eye, Makana determines to track down the  perpetrator. He finds unexpected assistance in the shape of Zahra, a woman who seems to share Makana’s hunger for justice.

Seeking answers in the dead girl’s past he travels to Siwa, an Oasis town on the  edge of the great Sahara Dessert, where the law seems disturbingly far away and old grievances simmer just below the surface. As violence follows him through the twisting, sand-blown streets and an old enemy lurks in the shadows, Makana discovers that the truth can be as deadly and as changeable as the desert beneath his feet.

Review :

Quick Review :
The Ghost Runner is good in bits n parts.

Full Review :

Makana, a Private Detective is spying on Magdy Ragab-a well known lawyer on the orders of Mrs. Ragab. All hell breaks when Makana comes to a realisation that Ragab has a daughter named Karima who is fighting for her life in a private hospital, though Ragab insists that he is not her father. Tables turn when Ragab himself hires Makana’s services to find the culprit who killed Karima.

The search for Karima’s killer thus begins and Makana meets Zahra who works for women empowerment and was close to karima. Zahra has a different tale to tell,Karima’s real father who vanished years ago is back and could be the person Makana is searching for. To find the truth Makana visits Siwa ,place where Karima’s parents lived before.

The Ghost Runner is interesting in parts ,but not a page turner types. You need to keep patience while reading it.

Rating :


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