#BookReview Black Grey & White by Santosh Avvannavar and Santosh I. Biradar


Title : Black Grey & White
Authors : Santosh Avvannavar and Santosh I. Biradar
Publication House : Self Publishing
Year of release : December, 2014
No. of pages : 127
Source : Author

Black Grey & White is a collection of five short stories depicting illicit physical relationships and its consequences I.e., AIDS. All the five stories try to bust myths associated with aids and showcase how the world perceive HIV positive people.

Now coming to the stories, I liked three of them, didn’t hate the other two but didn’t like them either. Reading the first story was a complete torture because of the way it has been written, even though it was the best among all five according to the content. Second story was crisp and short comparatively and most effective one.

Third story showcased HIV positive ppl from different angle. All that glitters is not gold, indeed! Fourth story educated about how hope is important in life.

Last story Abram & His Prodigal son is more like an Novella consisting of 6 chapters. Its been inspired by the concept of The Parable of lost son.

Rating :

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