Advice to my younger self. 

Have you ever witnessed a moment where you realise you are no longer the person you were a year back or 5 years back or 15yrs?

I had that moment yesterday and I have been pondering my thoughts into this since then. What will I do if I encounter myself from eons ago? Do I have anything to say to her? Any advices to give? I realised I have way too many advices😂

Thing is I have been a matured kid since I remember, so I have been a good decent kid all the while. That means boring childhood. Sorry, no childhood. Because mature kids are not really kids. They are adults trapped in the bodies of kids. 

So if I could go back in time I would definitely like to say these things to myself. 

  2. Read books. 
  3. Its okay to be stupid. 
  4. Don’t be so good that people use you like a tissue. 
  5. Stand up for yourself like you do for others. 
  6. Stop spending all your money on friends(so called friends) and save something for yourself too. 
  7. Believe in yourself. 
  8. Love yourself. 
  9. Take your creative side seriously. 
  10. Don’t cry so much, stop being an emotional fool. 
  11. Smile, laugh, stop being so serious about life. Have fun. 
  12. Dance more, I know you love dancing. 
  13. Everyone is going to hurt you someday and its okay. Don’t stop loving just because someone broke your heart, but if people question your self worth, kick them outta your life. 

Imagine the difference these things would have made. Alas! 

11 thoughts on “Advice to my younger self. 

  1. I always imagine what I would say to my younger self. She was so silly and unfocussed, but then my boyfriend points out that if I hadn’t had all that silliness then I wouldn’t be me now. Still, if I had a time machine I’d totally say ‘love yourself’. Everyone needs to be told that more.

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  2. Ah! I love this. I love this because it doesn’t matter how old you are or how many years you’ve lived, you can always have this moment. You can always look back and be like ‘I should’ve done this differently.’ The good thing about that is you don’t have to regret, but learn. You realize what you could’ve done differently and implement that knowledge to the future. Always look forward and only remember the past, don’t dwell on it. ^.^ Lovely advice for yourself and everyone else, too.

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