Book Review : Warjuna Book 1: Mrithasu Rising By Author Krishnaraj


On the cover :

Civilizations have once again emerged from the ruins of Pralaya, and with a new dawn arrive new ambitions. Ordained by fate, several legions of a ruthless clan have been reported to be seen marching into the boundaries of Bharata. The origins of the Hayacree are unknown, yet their intent is evident: to create a new world order.

The tides of war will bring forth valiant men and women of great fortitude and a divine force to unite them all against the strong will of the enemy. While the matters of kings and kingdoms are to be shouldered by a young prince of Wagharr, a supernatural alliance of Mahayogis and Suparnas will need to travel beyond the realm of man to discover the architect behind the Hayacree invasion.

The hunt for the real enemy will lead them to an expanse invisible to the human eye.

In its depth lies an evil waiting to be discovered, waiting to rise.

Review :

Quick review :

Warjuna grips your attention from the word go and is successful in keeping you hooked till the end.


Full review :

Arjuna – prince of Wagharr finds himself injured far away from his homeland in a vaidya’s abode ,even though he is pretty sure he should have been in himavan with his people waiting for further orders from his king instead. Things make no sense to Arjuna as his memory plays with his emotions. Having discharged from the vaidya, Arjuna decides to head back home when the vaidya requests a tiny delay in his journey and asks Arjuna to visit Ashmaka and deliver a message to the king. This little detour creates major setbacks to Arjuna’s plans to return home. Arjuna finds himself fighting against Hayacree to save Ashmaka. while Arjuna is fighting battles , Krishna and others are gearing up  for the impending war, the Hayacree are invading Bharata and they need to be stopped.

The first 50 pages of any book gives you a fair idea of whether you will enjoy it or not. For me Warjuna was definitely a good read. I took my sweet time to read this book in two stretched out sittings rather than several intervals of reading. Warjuna perfectly sets the stage for the Mrithasu rising series. What i liked about this book is that every chapter is important, you remove one chapter and there will be something missing like a jigsaw puzzle . I’ll definitely wait for the second book from the series to release soon.

Rating :


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I would have loved to have a visual of Bharata in a form of a map in the book.


This Review is for Author Krishnaraj, though the views mentioned are completely mine.

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