#BookReview Rise of Kali by Anand Neelakantan


Rise of Kali is book two of Ajaya – Epic of the Kaurava Clan series. If you have read Asura/Roll of the Dice and liked it then wait no more, go grab your copy of Rise of Kali. If you haven’t read Anand Neelakantan’s work before, then start with this book. Rise of Kali can be read as an independent book too.

Rise of Kali starts with the famous or should I say Infamous Panchali Cheerharan. Suyodhana (Duryodhana) and his brothers along with Karna, Aswathama and Shakuni have won the Dice game and whole of Indrapastha, making Pandavas their slaves. Suyodhana in his urge to satisfy his ego insults Panchali in front of whole sabha, thus shaming the whole Kaurava Clan.

Pandavas leave their abode for Vanvas and Kauravas start resurrecting their status. Aswathama goes in search of Shakuni to Gandhara and Karna is forced to leave Hastinapur by Bheeshma. Suyodhana feels disabled without Karna and Aswathama in Hastinapur.

There are few events in this book which I have never heard or read before, thus making this book more interesting. We know Mahabharata from Krishna ‘s point of view, Arjun’ s point of view and Panchali’s point of view too, but what about The Kauravas? What about Duryodhana?

What I liked about this book is the way Suyodhana ‘s character, suyodhana’ s relationships with his friends and wife are essayed.

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#BookReview The Curse Of Surya by Dev Prasad


On The Jacket :

Sangeeta Rao, a beautiful, feisty reporter at Channel 7 TV in Singapore, rushes to Agra on a special assignment after an early-morning phone call. At the Taj Mahal, she meets Alan David, a charming Welshman. But a terrorist attack on Mathura’s renowned Krishna temple turns them into fugitives from justice and the duo must decipher a series of complex cryptographs and unearth the illustrious Shyamantaka that belonged to Surya, the Sun God, to prove their innocence. Joined in their quest by an elderly Frenchman, Anton Blanchard, the duo race against time in helicopters, motor boats and yachts. In hot pursuit are the brilliant and daring SP Nisha Sharma and the most ruthless terrorist organisations. Before she realizes it, Sangeeta is trapped in a world of betrayal, decent and horror. Fast – paced and gripping, The Curse Of Surya will keep you hooked and on the edge of your seat while you unravel one of the biggest mysteries in 5000 years.

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Quick Review :

Definitely a Must read. Gripping and thrilling from page 1.

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The Curse of Surya is an Mythological mystery/ Thriller, as the name suggests. Good news is, there is not a single dull moment while reading this book. This book keeps you literally on the edge of your seat, sometimes due to the Mythological mysteries and sometimes because of Sheer excitement. The events mentioned in the book happen in the time frame of just two days.

Uttar Pradesh is all set to host two major international events, The International All Saints’ World Religions Conference at Krishna Janmasthan Temple in Mathura and the meeting between the Presidents of Singapore and India at the Taj Mahal in Agra. A day before the Mathura event, a Tibetan is found dead at Krishna Janmasthan, that Tibetan was a reporter working for Channel 7 TV, Singapore. Thus, Sangeeta, another reporter has to postpone her holidays to cover the Presidents meeting at Agra.

Sangeeta meets Alan Davies at Taj Mahal and they quickly become friends. Both travel to Mathura to attend the All Saints’ World Religions Conference. This particular conference has become centre of attention for not just Indians but also for all important countries and the Underworld Mafia due to one of the Speakers, Swami Brij Mohan. Swamiji has promise to reveal the current location of Shyamantaka, which is not just a precious 5000 old gem but also a very powerful one.

This fun trip to Mathura takes an ugly turn when a terrorist disguised as a Sadhu sitting beside Sangeeta kills Swami Brij Mohan. SP Nisha Sharma who is incharge of Mathura Event thinks Sangeeta is also a part of the Terrorist group. Alan and Sangeeta run for their life, somehow they are convinced that finding Shyamantaka is the only way to prove their innocence and thus their Quest begins. They meet a old man, Anton Blanchard during this Quest. Is Anton a good man? Will Sangeeta and Alan Find Shyamantaka? Will they be able to prove their innocence?

Read the book to find out the answers.

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#BookReview Mistress of Honour by Bhaavna Arora


On the Jacket :

A tale about passionate love and finding your soulmate… Only  to realize you will always come a close second.

When Potnis, a captain in the Indian Army, meets Pansy during Operation Blue Star, he knows he has found the love of his life. Their passionate romance leads them to the  altar and blossoms into a beautiful  child,  Rihana .

History repeats itself when Advik, a wayward boy from a broken family, catapults into Rihana’s heart as smoothly as he conquers the skies as an Indian Air Force Pilot. What follows is a night of unabashed love, transporting the  couple to heavenly bliss. Where will their unbridled love lead them? Will Rihana remain a Mistress to  Advik, for whom the  love for his country comes first, or will she be able to  make a place in  his heart that is second to  none? This heartbreaking saga of love, courage and sacrifice will  leave you  asking  for  more.

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Short Review :

Mistress of Honour is fun, light read.

Full Review :

Deepak Potnis, a Captain in the Indian Army falls in love with Parminder Kaur Sodhi aka Pansy in the  midst of  operation blue star at the Golden Temple. Pansy, who lost her parents during the operation has also lost the reason to live. Potnis gives him hope and reason to not just live but live happily. They both get married when Pansy realises she is pregnant. They are blessed with  a  girl who is as beautiful as Pansy and as courageous as Potnis.

Rihana is growing  up  and so is Potnis in his job. Potnis is given another important  mission which leaves him emotionally broken forever.

History repeats itself when a grown up Rihana falls in love with Advik, Indian airforce Pilot. Before they could tie knot, Advik is asked to report for kargil war. Advik, who loves his country more than Rihana leaves her in a spot where she has to  make a serious decision.

At 191 pages, this book really is a light read, two to four hours max. I wouldn’t have mind 100 more pages if the Author had given more footage to Operation Blue star, Sri Lanka civil war and Kargil war. This book highlights the personal lives of real life heroes(army men) and their families. Lives of Families of Army men are far from normal. Their sacrifices are bigger than ours.

I really liked the  parts where Potnis was remembering  his training days. Even Advik and Kabir’s NDA tales were funny.
I somehow feel, the women were given very little space in the  story. Also, there was no element of surprise.

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