Book Review – The Turning Point

I like reading short stories and thus bought The Turning Point which features 8 short stories by 8 young writers – Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan, Durjoy Dutta, Judy Balan, Harsh Snehanshu, Shoma Narayan, Parinda Joshi, Atulya Mahajan and Nikita Singh.

I was supposed to read this book two months back but somehow couldn’t manage to do so. Nevertheless, Der aaye Durust aye!

I enjoyed all the eight stories. I specially liked the first story Insert A Carrot more so because it is a complete conversation based story,Conversation(mindless sometimes, witty most of the time) between two best friends. I bet you will miss your best friend after reading it. Summer Showers is a romantic treat, it made me smile all through the while. It is cute how the lovebirds treat Rains as a positive sign for their relationship from The God. An Unlikely Accomplice is a crime thriller about a Rave party. The story reveals a bitter truth that most of the times Parents do not really know their children.

The X-Boss is a funny ghost story which will not scare you. At one point I felt bad for the ghost. The U-Turn is a journey of a father to be, his insecurities, his fears are well mentioned in the story. The Return of the (original) Vampire is very entertaining. A Vampire is suddenly confused about his identity after meeting a soap addict girl who thinks Vampires are cool. The English Teacher is the only Dark story among the eight. The English Teacher shows the darker side of obsession.

The last story, A Whispered Prayer is about a Rape victim who is blamed by her own parents for the unfortunate incident and how she feels shattered, scared every day and still somehow manages to put a brave face.

Ratings : 3.5/5