Book Review – Sattvik Foods of India by Anupama Shukla


Sattvik Foods of India


‘You are what you eat’, is a much repeated adage which is less understood and hardly ever embraced. In the pace and stress points of the modern world, the food that we eat only serves to satisfy our hunger, titillate our tastebuds and in some cases, fill a deep-seated psychological need for security or love. Most often, what we eat has very little connection with what each of us really needs to eat.

Hence, Sattvik Foods of India is a cookbook with a deeply significant difference. People are introduced to the fundamentals of wellbeing through the understanding of how each person is different in terms of elemental composition and nutritional requirements. Shattering the myth that healthy food is largely tasteless, this book presents more than 70 easy-to-follow delicious sattvik recipes from various regions of India. Those who are willing to travel down the road to wellness with this book as guide, will not only develop a clearer understanding of the subtle but undeniable connection between right food and wellbeing, but also expand their culinary repertoire. Presented in simple language, this valuable volume is both an engaging read and satisfying to the palate of the serious practitioner and curious reader alike.



Sattvik foods of India consists the day to day recipes that we normally eat at home. Its a perfect gift for someone who knows very little or nothing about cooking.


Being a Kutchi-Jain I majorly eat Sattvik food in my day to day routine and trust me Sattvik food is as delicious as any other food. Sattvik foods of India can be a good beginners guide to cook great food. The book contains almost eighty recipes starting from snacks/starters,main course, desserts as well as sherbets and chutneys. Recipes are easy to make and the instructions are easy to follow.

In the beginning of the book the author gives us a brief about food, the ayurvedic perspective on food,types of foods etc,. This information gives one a general idea about sattvik,rajasik and tamasic diet and how each diet reacts with our body. I liked the way author has kept this part as compact as possible and not boring with too much theory. also, many recipes have mini notes sharing tidbits about history of the recipe.

Only downside about this book is,(as i mentioned earlier i am a Kutchi Jain) I not just know but have prepared myself 70-80% of the recipes mentioned in the book before. I was expecting to add more recipes from this book to my knowledge, which I couldn’t. While reading I realise this book is for beginners and not people like me who have been cooking for more than 15yrs. If you have no idea about sattvik food then this can be your guide. Also if you happen to be someone who has never made a cup of tea in your entire life-this book is for you. Yes, this book contains a recipe to make tea too.





Dosa Place – Review


Recently a branch of Dosa Place opened at Necklace road. Me and my cousins planned to check it out. There are two branches already functioning at KBR park and Madhapur. As it opened recently, Menu is limited to only Dosas, Idli (only two varieties available), Donuts, kulfi, and Ice Golas.
Dosa Place serves around 100 varieties of Dosas. Price range starts from Rs.40 for a plain Dosa to Rs.170.

Dosas are served with three types of Chutneys. I liked two out of the three served. Sambhar is served with plain Dosa only. As we were ten people we tried around 15 of the Dosas on the Menu. Of all, we relished the Dosa Place Speciality – Teen Maar Dosa. Named weirdly but delicious Dosa. We did asked the waiter about the weird name, but he himself wasn’t aware about the story behind it.

Of all the 15 Dosas we tried, I liked Spring roll cheese dosa, chinese chili dosa, mexican dosa, american chopsey dosa. Pizza Dosa was very bad. Upma Pessarattu and Pav bhaaji dosa were okay. None of the Dosas were spicy, which I didn’t liked.

Donuts were okay. Order Chocolate ball only if you fantasise chocolate. Kulfi’s were regular Delhi style kulfi which are easily available throughout Necklace road. For a change, ice gola was good. It’s difficult to find a good ice gola stall in Hyderabad. After Mayur Paan shop I found this worthy.

There is ample space in and around the hotel. You can choose to sit inside or outside depending upon the climate.


Unfortunately, there are no food pics. We were really hungry and couldn’t wait for clicking pics.

The staff is very friendly. 15 dosas, donuts and ice golas summed up to Rs.1960 only. Majority of the Dosas are below Rs.100 . I hope they start functioning during breakfast timings soon and add Italian delicacies in the menu soonish.

Working hours: 10:30 am to 10:30 pm.

Ratings : ***

P.S :  Parking is not free and not even economic. Fee for two wheeler is 20/- and four wheeler is 30/- which is much more than the normal rates.