Feeling Special!

Met one of the Cousins (she is studying in the same school I studied) on the way while she was returning home from school with a friend.

Just when I was enquiring about her studies, she remembered something and blurted out this,

Shanti teacher jiske baare mein hamesha baat karte rehte, yeh wahi Bhakti Didi hai.

Shanti Teacher is my school teacher,  it’s been 10 yrs since I completed my schooling, but still my school’s present batch students know me. How cool is that? My school teachers still remember me, How cool is that? My teachers give my example to their students, How super Cool is that? (Okay! Maybe I went overboard here) hehehe…

I was an under achiever in school, always an average student. To be frank I never bothered getting good marks cos I was fine with being average. Eight standard was the game changing point. Suddenly in 8th class, I wanted to study harder, score good grades, be in the top grades, be the topper may be (from C-grade I reached to A-grade and 11th rank in class 8).  All this happened because of one Person, My Shanti Teacher. She kept pushing me to work hard. Somewhere she knew I am a lazy creature and I need that little yet important Push in life.

I am grateful she happened in my life. Yes, I am still in touch with her. Talk to her every 2-3 months and meet her whenever her busy schedule allows us to meet. I fondly call her Mumma! I love it when she introduces Me as her daughter to people. Simply Love it!!

P.S : I was famous in my school but for all the good reasons.  Hehehe!!!