Bhakti Motta, born and brought up in Hyderabad, India is a Freelance Photographer, writer. She has been blogging since 2013 and reviewing books since 2014. (on a break since end of 2017)

Her first book Adhuri Khwahishein – a collection of Hindi poems was published on Amazon kindle in August 2020.

Bhakti loves to travel around and capture human emotions, and stories through her lens.

You can follow me on

Twitter: @bhaktimotta

Instagram: @BhaktiReviews

Goodreads: Bhakti Motta


  1. I’m always happy when you like something because I love that photograph of you! I had been missing your face and those amazing sunglasses . I’m glad to know that you are still around.

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  2. Hello Bhakti–I’m back from a blogger hiatus (that originally started as a “quit”). I’m enjoying catching up on reading the posts you have written over the last few months. Best wishes for a great 2017!


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